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STARTUPS LEBANON – The INNOVATION CONFERENCE – The INNOVATORS SUMMIT 2019 will expose in two days innovative topics such as the use of immersive technology (virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality) to add value to their app portfolios, how to meet business demands for these technologies and shift to a post-app era mindset as part of their mobile and digital app strategies; AI in Security — Five Questions That CIOs Should Answer; Digital Government Technology Platforms — Examples, Use Cases; AI - Blockchain the Third revolution and its impact on Retail and Financial Services. On top of our agenda and interest is the entry of startups and entrepreneurs’ innovations to private and public sector
We believe that startups and entrepreneurs have a lot to contribute in this respect This forum discusses what functions that ICTs have in the public sector, and analyses existing ICT governance approaches in the government.
The visions and goals for the use of ICTs in public sector are huge, both related to efficiency, effectiveness and for strengthening democratic functions. The realisation of such diverse set of goals requires a broad range of means and measures. The speakers will dwell on the growing ICT role and adaptation implies various attempts to understand what economic benefits ICT bring to private and public sectors. Private sector was deeply analyzes by various researchers; however ICT impact on public sector is not explored in deep. The speakers will expose how ICT development preconditions as well as various perspectives towards ICT economic impact evaluation.

Topics that will be covered will include
• The 4th Industrial Revolution and The Lebanese Environment: Setting a strategy - Financial inclusion whereabouts
• The New Banking realities: Digital transformation vs. Financial Transformation – Is Lebanon there yet? What does it require for the Digital transformation journey
• Payment ecosystem: How are banks modernising the payments environment?
• Smartphone-Based contactless payment innovation
• Regulatory architecture: Overview of the latest regulatory compliance requirements - the Community and legalization Aspect –
• The New Risk management Framework Risk management: Building an effective operational risk management framework
• Is Lebanon Ready for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies?
• FinTech: Technological Change
• Digitalisation of Banking Services

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