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A fitness boot camp or a Fitness retreat can offer many things that people cannot find on their own. Fitness camps provide education and training on how to successfully lose weight, exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle thru a practical way. Fitness boot camps is going to provide you a safe environment to feel comfortable and motivated to get into shape and have fun.

Bkassine lies south of Jezzine and is one of South Lebanon's most charming villages, located at an average altitude of 950m, 74km from Beirut, Bkassine is a charming peaceful village Known for its traditional Lebanese town with red-tile roof houses and narrow streets and splendid pine forest, covering an area of 1 million square meter, making it the largest pine forest in Lebanon and a perfect destination for a quite weekend away from the noise and pollution of the city.

Activities & services
• Body composition analysis
• Fitness consultancy/on demand
• Diet advice/on demand
• Hiking/ we will provide the transportation from Mkalles roundabout/8:30am for those who would like to join us on Sunday,
May 13/participation fee: 35'000Lb, Including: transportation, guidance and permanent assistance
• Guidance and permanent assistance
• Stretching
• Yoga/Pilates
• Team building games
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner
• Open book discussion/ brief discussion about a book you read
• Tents
• Shower

Ps: if you are a guitarist & singer you will be invited

Details of the program
Saturday, May 12
- 2:00pm: Departure from Mkalles roundabout/you can meet us in case you will be on our way
- 3:30pm: arrival to Bkassine forest & program orientation
- 4:00pm: fixing the tents…
- 5:00pm: yoga/ Pilates session
- 6:00pm: dinner
- 7:00pm: open book discussion
- 8:00pm: free time, entertainment, shower, sleeping time…

Sunday, May 13
- 8:00am: body composition analysis
- 8:30am: breakfast
- 9:45am: brief about Bkassine
- 10:00am: hiking start
- 1:30pm: hiking end, stretching all together
- 2:00pm: lunch time
- 3:30pm: siesta and rest
- 4:30pm: prepare to go back
- 5:00pm: departure from Bkassine
- 6:30pm: arrival to Mkalles

This program will give you the opportunity
- To live a healthy scenario and think Out-side the box
- To network and connect with new friends
- To interact with yourself and others thru a new way
- To connect again with the green earth and the beautiful Lebanon
- Take a break, relax and have some fun

Who can join?
- Anyone having a moderate fitness level
- Families…

Investment: 80$/participant - 150$/couple

What to bring and what to put in your back pack?
• Solid and comfortable walking or hiking shoes
• Solid and comfortable pants
• ID & Insurance card
• Fitness outfit
• Sleeping bag
• Mat
• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Sun screen
• Sweater
• Wind breaker
• Towels
• Spare clothes…

Info and reservation: 03955642
Hope to see you

Best Regards,
Camille Attieh | events coordinator & Fitness consultant

ProMax Adventures & Fitness - Lebanon
Bochrieh highway - GGS 2 Tower - 10th Floor
P.O BOX 286 - Mansourieh - El Maten - Lebanon
Mobile: +9613955642 | Fax: +9611871443

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