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Food Photography 2 Days' Workshop

2 days’ workshop With Joe Khoury

Part I: Introducing Food Styling & Photography

• Exploring Food Photography: Styling food for delicious photos, starting with backgrounds, searching for props, Placing the food and accents, talking about technical stuff, Looking at lighting

• Photography Know-How and Equipment: Lenses: Figuring Focal lengths, finding the right lens for the job, stabilizing your camera, Tripods, Monopods, Lighting things up, Lights, Reflectors, Stands, ISO, RAW, and other file formats.

• Your Stylist Toolkit: Setting a Mood for Food, building a Housewares Library, Shopping for Treasures, Finding great ingredients

• Getting the Yummy to Translate on Film: Focusing on the Drool Factor, making your Dishes Look Interesting, Managing Reflections in Your Food Photos, Exploring Textures for a Unique Feel

Part II: Photo Shooting

• Composition Basics: Shooting Close-Ups and Beyond, Using Repetition for a Pleasing Look, Placing Your Subject in the Frame, Drawing Your Viewer in with the Leading Lines

• Lighting: Exploring the Beauty of Natural Light, Choosing Artificial Lights, Placing Lights for your Setup

• Working with Tilts and Angles: Understanding the Angle Approach, Working with Tilts to Spice up Your Subject, Pulling it all Together

• Exploring Focus: Focusing on the Point of Interest, Understanding Depth of Field, Considering the “Food Porn” Look, Managing your Photos & More

• Post-Processing: Clean Up, Removing Imperfections, Making Your Images Pop in Subtle Ways, Keep Post Process to a Minimum

• Editing & Saving: Finding the Best Software for Your Needs, Processing Your Images with Backups

Workshop fees: 150 USD
Places are limited, Early booking is highly recommended
Call FAPA – Fine Art Photography Academy: 71-011977
Zalka, Starbucks bldg.