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Ramadan is the month of generosity and Forgiveness. The Bike Shop is going to offer you a free ride every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Below how things work out,

The 15,000 L.L. You pay every ride, The Bike Shop will offer you in return: the Bike, helmet, and ride. Or if you have your bike and helmet you pay only 10,000 L.L.

Now here comes the good news! The amount you pay every ride will be credit to your account and the total amount will sit still in your account, and you are free to use the amount at any time for buying and/or renting any of the goods/services The Bike Shop offers on the premises.
Meeting point:
The Bike Shop Mina Cornish.
The below dates during the month of Ramadan. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays.
Gathering at 5:00 Pm
Rolling at 5:20 Pm SHARP!
Estimated finish time around 6:50 Pm

Riding course:
Start from the bike shop towards the Olympic, Stadium, than do around 5 on the Maarad,
Before we come back to The Bike Shop.

Could be done ride by ride
Or you may book the whole month and we will assign one bike for you that you will get used to it and perform better, (and who knows… you might pay the deferent at the end and have the same bike!)

Let’s Get Rolling! :)

Ohh... And by the way Ramadan Karim ;)

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