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  • Sunday Jul 01 2012 from 03:30 pm until 07:30 pm
  • Hamra Street
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What is Free Hugs Campaign?
Free Hugs Campaign is a flash mob where a group of people gather spontaneously to offer free hugs to passersby while roaming the city. It was started by Juan Mann on July 30th 2004. Watch the video here:

Why Free Hugs Campaign in Lebanon?
Inspired by the recent events in Tripoli, and Lebanon's tragic history in general, it is clear that the Lebanese people could use a little bit of love <3

We are aware that not most people are open to the idea of hugging, but that's something that has to change. One of the campaign's goals is to fight hugophobia and close-mindedness in general.

Also, Hugging was proved to have many benefits in multiple areas. Hug therapy is used in many hospitals worldwide to cure physical and psychological diseases.

Note that we don't represent anything or anyone, we only represent peace and loveism and the desire for free living.

So if you want to join us, meet us at Al Hamra Street on the first of July 3:30pm. We will walk around Beirut and finish at Downtown around 7:30pm.

In order to maintain discipline and civility, we must set a few rules:
1. No smoking during the campaign (You can't hug someone and choke them at the same time...)
2. Only invite people that you know are genuinely interested in this and won't cause trouble.
3. It is preferable that you hug people from your own Gender.
4. Ignore rule #3

Free eBook: The Illustrated Guide to Free Hugs

Our Twitter hashtag: #FreeHuggersLB

Our Facebook page: Free Huggers

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