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Freestanding | A Collective Exhibition of Sculpture

Artspace Hamra invites you to Freestanding, an exhibition of sculpture curated by Cesar Nammour.
Opening night Tuesday, December 12th, 2017.
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Exhibition continues until January 5th, 2018.

Participating artists:
Nabil Basbous
Brahim Zod
Antoine Berberi
Charles Khoury
Bassam Kyrillos
Chahine Raffoul
Rudy Rahme
Nabil Richani
Raffi Yedalian

By Cesar Nammour

Aesthetics in real material are the subject of this prolific exhibition. The meeting of nine accomplished modern Lebanese sculptors at Artspace Hamra gallery sends a clear message that modern sculpture is here to stay in spite of the overwhelming presence, in Lebanon and in all the world, of contemporary modes of expression such as installations, video art, and related mediums that involve theories and concepts, science and technology, requiring explanations to be understood and that are foreign to plastic aesthetics.
This exhibition of art objects on pedestals, freestanding sculptures in the round, stand in defense of modern sculpture. The artworks in the exhibition reveal modern sculpture’s various methods of creation—subtractive carving of stone with Nabil Basbous and Chahine Raffoul; modeling and casting in bronze with Antoine Berberi, Raffi Yedalian, and Rudy Rahme; modeling and casting in aluminum with Bassam Kyrillos; carving in wood with Nabil Richani and Brahim Zod; and constructions in wood with Charles Khoury.
Here we find the richness in modern sculpture’s different approaches to various materials. In subtractive carving, we are seduced by the formal stylization, pure elegant lines, smooth surfaces and graceful movement in Nabil Basbous’ works whereas we find the prevalence of organic forms in harmonious rhythms of volumes and spaces in the abstract figurative works of Chahine Raffoul.
In bronze sculpting we are overwhelmed by the primitive power and vital synthesis of the opacity and transparency of the distorted and exaggerated forms of Antoine Berberi; the reductive faces projecting fragile inner sensitive souls, and the simplified and elongated humanity of Raffi Yedalian; the gracefully balanced, harmonious, naturally expressive movement in dynamic and static equilibrium in Rudy Rahme’s work; the aluminum structures contrasting erected volumes with the egg-shaped form, both in pure reflective surfaces covered with dark mysterious windows opening to nowhere for Bassam Kyrillos.
In wood carving we are stunned by the persistent search inside mass to convey inner life, and the play of light and shadows expressing feelings, animating the inner spaces of the works of Nabil Richani; and where the structure of fragile mass replaces volume and the smooth surfaces reveal the play of texture in light with Brahim Zod.
In wood constructions, we delightfully discover the expressively colorful and friendly creatures of Charles Khoury.
At the end, let the sculptures in the exhibition speak, as their presence reveals them more eloquently than words.

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