Fruit Picking day with Dale Corazon & Tour in the South - Lebanon Explorers

Grab this opportunity and open your eyes to nature as never seen before!!!
Fruit Picking Day & Tour with Dale Corazon - Lebanon Explorers at the South!!!
Fruit (Bananas, Avocado, Anona, Oranges, Mandarins, Lemon and Grapefruit)

DESTINATION: Quasmieh / Tyre in Southern Lebanon
=========== 0 to 300 meters above sea level.
80 km from Beirut.

WHEN: Saturday, March 27, 2021

ENCOUNTER PLACE: Mar Abda Church parking facing the New-bridge, Jal
=============== El Dib @ 7:30 AM

40,000 LL/person including transport (comfortable air-conditioned Pullman), professional guides, fresh orange juice and pictures.
Optional transportation by your own vehicles. (30,000 LL per person).
Children 18 years old and younger will have a discount of 12.5%. (35,000 LL per person)

====================== .

Come with us and discover our typical Lebanese villages in the south along a part of “Mediterranean Sea” where the amazing scenery that your eyes catch upon reaching these amazing landscapes is indescribable.
South of Lebanon has over than 6000 years of history. You will visit the important landmarks like Quasmieh, Tyre city, and Qana and get a clear explanation about them.
It’s about enjoying fruit picking season at Quasmieh, 10 m above sea level.
Let us together get the chance to share special moments and delight exceptional activities in nature.
We will start our day by exploring the land and picking fruits at the House of Lilies; an activity that the whole family can enjoy.
The House of Lilies is an agritourism family project that aims to practice sustainable farming for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide wholesome farming products of outstanding quality for our guest community. Our main products are Bananas (Cavendish, Red, Manzano & Plantain), Avocados (Fuerte, Etinger, Lamb Hass, Pinkerton & Reed), Anonas, Pomegranate (Sweet, Sour-Sweet & Sour) and Citrus Fruits (Lemon, Abu Surra, Lime, Grapefruit, Kumquat). The House of Lilies also produce various types of Hydrosols (Orange blossom, Sage, Thyme, Wild Mint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus & Lemongrass) & organic banana chips. Finally, you can find their Water Lilies plants of various colors & other Aquatic plants as well as ornamental fish grown in ponds.

For those who would be interested to buy fruits or products, they will benefit from a discount.
Our lunch will be a choice of original homemade crepes, we will sit together, share and watch the beauty of the farm.
Will be 3 choices of sweet crepes and 3 choices of salty crepes (i.e. banana with marmalade (2 choices), dried raisins with ginger, cheese, spicy avocado etc.…).
The crepes will be completely home made with ingredients from the farm, they also offer hot drinks of herbal teas, and we can also have our own picnic.
Then we will make a visit in Tyre city, where we can get the opportunity to explore its natural beauty and explore its remarkable historical sites; The fishing harbor, and narrow streets in the Christian quarter.
Later we will head to Qana: It is 14 km away from the center of the caza, stands at an altitude of 300 m. There are natural, rock-dug caves to be found that carry old inscriptions.
It is said that Jesus Christ’s first miracle took place at a wedding ceremony in one of these caves. Moreover, the tomb of King Hiram of Tyre can be found at the outskirts of the town and in the neighboring village of Hanaway.
It is crucial to discover and realize the importance of our traditional and old Lebanese landmarks in the South. You will be amazed to find out that.
Protect yourself and others around you by knowing the facts and taking appropriate precautions:
Distancing from each other is a must.
Cover your nose and mouth with your face masks. To keep it on, while we are in the bus.
Clean your hands often by using hand gel or other.


Healthy snacks that will boost up your energy such as dried fruits, water, MEDICAL FACE MASKS, HAND GEL, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes that will be suitable to work in a field, in the countryside. Don't forget to get a light jacket. DC members get a 20% discount on sports equipment in Sports 4 Ever branches.
==There will be a breakfast stop along the way==


Please Call 00961-70-986118 / 00961-70-997062 and by sending SMS, or WhatsApp mention your name, surname and the event you wish to join us on.

Thank you for not smoking during the trip and following all the ecotourism rules included safety regulations. And occasionally, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the event may occur.
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