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Fun Yoga session for Children with Dima ...الدني أحلى بس اعمل يوغا مع ديما

Do you want that your child/ children have fun, learn to be more supportive and boost their self-esteem at the same time?

هل تريدون لأطفالكم أن يحصلوا على وقتا ممتعا، أن يتعلّموا كيف يكونوا أكثر دعما وأن يعزّزوا ثقتهم بأنفسهم في الوقت ذاته؟

Bring your child/ children for a Fun yoga and empowerment session with Dima. Children will do fun yoga games and exercises, discover new positive thinking and learn how to love and accept themselves more.

يوغا المرح وجلسة التمكين مع ديما تسمح لأطفالكم بالقيام بألعاب اليوغا الممتعة والتدريبات، اكتشاف طرق التفكير الإيجابي الجديدة وتعلم كيفية حب وتقبّل الذات أكثر.

>>> Some of the benefits of these sessions:
- Boost children’s concentration.
- Boost children’s self-esteem.
- Improve family and social relationships.
- Help children think in a more positive way.
- Learn how to integrate more easily.
- Release stress and learn how to deal with it.
- Learn how to relax.
- Improve breathing.

>>> When?
Fridays, 4:30-5:30pm (Starting 25 Nov)
كل جمعة، 4:30 حتى 5:30 مساءاً

>>> Where?
Harmony center, Hamra street, Estral Building, 6th floor
مركز هارموني، شارع الحمرا، سنتر استرال، الطابق السادس

>>> How to Reserve?
Call to reserve in advance at 01-755667 or 03-938554
or email us at
للحجز اتصل مسبقا على 75566-01 أو 03938554
أو راسلنا على

>>> Investment:
L.L.160,000 a package of 8 sessions
(Valid for 2 months after the start date)
مئة و ستون ألف ليرة لبنانية فقط / 8 جلسات

>>> About Dima:
Dima was born and raised in Lebanon. She lived in Dubai for ten years where she taught French in schools. Recently, she moved back to her beloved country. She is a certified Yoga teacher for children, a certified workshop leader, teacher and life coach for adults and a “Heal Your Life®” Empowerment Playshop Leader for teens and tweens.

Call to reserve in advance. Places are limited, which makes every child get much care.

See you soon!

Harmony center, Beirut,
Hamra St, Estral Bld, floor 6
T: 01-755667 or 03-938554

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