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  • Every Sunday from 12:30 pm until 02:00 pm, Feb 03 2018 to Jun 30 2018
  • Recycle Lebanon, Chichmanian Building, 3rd Floor. Boutros Dagher Street, Gemayzeh, Lebanon
  • Arts & Culture, Conferences & Workshops

German Language Course

This German course will entail the basics of conversing in German and will be very practice oriented. We will be noting important tricks on pronunciation and reading to improve your oral skills. We will also be discussing topics about living in Germany and the benefits it provides in relation to healthcare, education and employment. Ultimately we would want you to be more confident in speaking and gain overall knowledge about Germany.

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German national, born and raised around Frankfurt, Germany. English and Arabic are my second and third languages respectively so I will be able to translate in either. Im a recent graduate and environmental activist. I believe in the need to learn German as a great way to open doors to living in Germany and benefiting from the country's free education system, high employment opportunities and overall great quality of life.

•German speaking practice: There are many people who would love to practice their German by speaking it so sessions will be very interactive and social.
•Basics of getting by in German: Greetings, introductions, common questions
•Vocabulary of nouns and verbs
•Reading and pronouncing words better with useful tricks
•German games

Most importantly we can adapt to your needs to get the most effectiveness and fun out of the time spent!

[Dates & Timing]
Each Saturday, February to June from 12:30 to 2:00 PM

Prices for one session (2 hours each) are as follows:
Private one on one: $30
2 people per class :$25 each
3 people + per class: $20 each
7 to 10+ people $15 each

1 - 12 students

Recycle Lebanon: Chichmanian Building, 3rd Floor. Boutros Dagher Street, Gemayzeh, Lebanon

Joslin Kehdy +961 71 13 11 15

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