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  • Sunday Jan 27 2019 from 10:00 am until 02:30 pm
  • Downtown Beirut Parliament Square, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Conferences & Workshops

Get Hired
For: People looking to get hired or grow within there job

Half of all efforts to transform organizational performance fail. Why?
Because individuals overlook the cultural need to make fundamental changes WITHIN themselves.
By identifying and addressing pervasive mindsets through the ranks, you are 4 times more likely to succeed in organizational change efforts, than those companies who overlook this stage.
We have evolved strategic change management programs into profound, powerful, purposeful journeys. Taken in half-day multiples, workshops are tailored to organizational needs to ensure that an employee gets hired, stays hired and gets paid more.

Bi weekly half day workshop: $40 or $25 with membership

1.) Job Search
2.)Discover your passion & earn income from it
3.)Identifying key strengths and weaknesses
4.)How to “sell your self” & CV builder
5.)Adaptation to cultural change
6.)Leadership versus management
7.)Employee etiquette
8.)Ethical Business
9.)Interview & public speaking
10.) Growing within the organisation

For More information 03-762233