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Goal Setting and Vision Board Workshop

- Knowing what you want most of the times is not easy.
- Sometimes you know what you want but you are not sure.
- You know what you want but you don't know how to achieve it.
- You think you know and are sure of what you want but then while using the technique of goal setting you realize that this is not what you wanted at all

Most of the successful people use the following process to:
-Improve professional and personal life
-Achieve dream career
-Increase in income
-converting ideas to start a business
-Having a work-life balance

First process
Learn the technique that will make you define exactly want you really want in your life, your career, income, business, organization, family, relationship, friends, health, sports.... all areas of your personal and professional life.

The second process
"WHY" this is what you want?
"WHAT" is the purpose of your emotions and feelings.

The third process
asses and know yourself
create an organized step by step action plan
(-based on your specialized needs, knowledge, abilities, habits, wants...
-learning how to overcome obstacles like lack of self-confidence, fear, procrastination, time management...)

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Goal Setting and Vision Board Workshop
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