This event has passed.

GOD SEES ME 2012 is a stirring platform that showcases
exceptionally talented people from different backgrounds & professions. Living GOD daily in their life with a clear choice, strong will and a pure heart.

"God Sees Me" is the first Annual event happening in Lebanon the 1st of September 2012 in Kfifan, Batroun. Tel 06 320304. POST INTO YOUR WALL. "LIKE" if you live GOD permanently in your life.

The event highlights the message "GOD SEES ME" always repeated by Blessed Brother Estephan Nehme in his daily chores. A message sent through a holy man of simplicity, humility and pure heart amidst the 21st century an era of consumerism, self-made icons and materialism.

This one day event is one of a kind opportunity to unveil and highlight the hidden spiritual graces from Lebanon and its people and share it with the world.

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