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  • Thursday Oct 04 2012 until Sunday Oct 07 2012 from 07:45 pm until 09:30 pm
  • Theatre Monnot
  • Arts & Culture

Gorsevadz Tsayner (Lost Voices) @Monnot

Theatron Theater Group presents:

“Gorsevadz Tsayner” (Lost Voices)

-Written and Performed by Garen Darakjian
-Directed by Souren Khedeshian


“Garen” is born on stage, and eventually takes his stand against all predetermined fate and system in his life…his name, parents, school, university, next door neighbor etc…you name it!
In the meantime, “Garen” is searching for his brother…as he thinks; life will be much easier for both of them if they combine forces.

Is he born?
Is he dead?
Where is his brother?
Will they combine forces?
Who’ll get his hand first on the grapes?

(p.s. all characters in the monologue are fictional)

Date: 4, 5, 6, and 7 /October/ 2012
Time: 7:45 pm
Place: Monnot Theatre
Duration: 1hr
Price: 10,000 L.L.

Seats are very limited
Tickets will be available at -Disco Young-
For reservation call: 03/23 03 80 or 03/29 73 42

The monologue is organized by -Disco Young-

This event is with the support of:
(alphabetical order)

-Albert H.
-Credit Bank s.a.l.
-Eco Juice
-Gumushian Brothers
-Music People
-Pamko Cell
-Paul & Mego Ayvazian
-Snack Garo
-Snack Yesso
-Yerevan Store

Poster desgined by Shaghig Mayissian 70/85 03 75

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