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Gourmet Week 2014

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To awaken your taste buds with a thousand delights from our local Lebanese cuisine, the second edition of Gourmet Week will be held from 3 to 9 November 2014.
This must-attend event aims at promoting the education of taste and put the expertise of the chefs and artisans of Lebanon under the spotlight, in an attempt to enhance food heritage, from soil to plate.

Launched by Hospitality Services, Gourmet Week offers visitors a wealth of culinary and gastronomic knowledge, and will run alongside the Beirut Cooking Festival and the Salon du Chocolat.

Surrender to the temptations of Gourmet Week in its 2nd edition, from 3 to 9 November 2014… Get acquainted with rich culinary heritage, meet our notorious chefs and artisans and refine your palate.

Gourmet Week offers, as usual, networking platforms, events and special encounters with professionals in the field. Lebanese are invited to a world of culinary delights, delicious flavors and unique experiences. The objective of Gourmet Week is to teach the art of taste by scheduling a series of activities, workshops and themed events in line with the values of this unique concept, promoting culinary heritage and offering local producers and artisans a much needed support.

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During this week dedicated to fine taste, dozens of events are planned across Lebanon, all with the same goal: widen the Lebanese people’s knowledge about food, and ignite their passion for gastronomy. Culinary delights will be within everyone’s reach as the best restaurants and dining establishments will offer special promotions, tailor-made for the event.

It’s a week full of flavors and colors that promise to indulge the eyes and the taste buds too; the Lebanese will be able to truly appreciate their rich culinary and gastronomic heritage… tastefully!

This event is part of the Beirut Cooking Festival: