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Our series of Eco-Building, Sustainable Renovation, BREEAM, and LEED Green Associate online training will start on July 14th.
This innovative Track, suitable for all levels, has been designed to give architects, engineers, developers, landscapers, or any other construction professional or student a complete & methodical understanding of green & sustainable design and construction.
The content will also cover solutions for an environmentally-friendly renovation or reconstruction.
Most eco-building design recommendations and techniques can be considered and applied to all types of projects, whether residential, commercial, institutional, or other public buildings.
Topics will cover:
- Sustainable Construction
- Green Building Certifications (LEED & BREEAM) & other
- Bio-climatic Design in warm / hot countries
- Introduction to Biomimicry -by theOtherDada
- Choice of Materials & Waste Management
- Energy-Efficiency, Lighting, HVAC, Thermal Modelling, Renewable Energies
- Sustainable Sites, Ecology & Land-use
- Water Conservation
- Case Studies from certified projects in Lebanon
- LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation
All the details about the schedule, content, fees and registration can be found on the Circular Hub website at as well as the following link:
You will be able to obtain the “Green Buildings & Sustainable Neighbourhoods” Certificate, by attending this series of sessions related to the Green building & Sustainable Neighborhood Track.
This Certificate can also contribute to the LEED Green Associate (GA) or LEED Accredited Professional (AP) Credentials Maintenance Program (CMP), or to demonstrate eligibility in order to register for the LEED GA exam.
*SE01 - Wednesday, July 14th*
An intro to Sustainability, Climate Change, Ecological & Carbon Footprint, and Green Construction: Why should we care?
Overview of sustainable development and the three pillars of sustainability, how is Climate Change affecting us, and why should we care? What is our Ecological Footprint & the overshoot day? Do you know your individual Carbon Footprint, are there some measures to reduce it? Why we should move to greener construction & energy-efficient, healthier buildings?

*CE03 – Friday, July 16th*
Introduction to Biomimicry (TBC)
Biomimicry is a Sustainable Design Methodology and approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns & strategies. The core idea is that nature has already solved many of the problems we are grappling with. Animals, plants, and microbes are the consummate engineers. This seminar will give an overview of Biomimicry with some of its applications.
This seminar is in collaboration with theOtherDada.

*GB01 - Friday, July 16th*
Introduction to Green Building Certifications
Overview of BREEAM certifications in the UK, overview of LEED certification in the US, comparison between BREEAM and LEED; overview of ARZ in Lebanon

*GB08 - Wednesday, July 21th & Friday, July 23th*
Choice of Materials & Waste Management – Part I & II
Importance of materials selection in construction (lower impact materials, local and regionally-sourced materials, recycled or re-used materials, sustainably-sourced materials and timber, renewable materials).
How to choose between different building elements and low-impact finishes. The importance of waste management during construction and during the building’s operation.

*GB02 - Wednesday, July 28th *
Sustainable Sites, Ecology & Land-use
Overview of what constitutes sustainable sites (including criteria in BREEAM & LEED) & measures to reduce site water pollution. Overview of how to protect & enhance the ecological value of a site and its biodiversity.
Introduction to the different types of green roofs & their various benefits.

*GB05 - Friday, July 30th*
Introduction to Renewable Energies
Overview of renewable energy technologies / solutions suitable to the Mediterranean and hot climates (solar water heating, photovoltaics, building integrated photovoltaics, solar thermal heating, solar thermal cooling, wind power, geothermal energy and ground-source heat pump, CHP, tri-generation and energy waste recovery).

*GB06 & GB07 – Wednesday, August 4th & Friday, August 6th *
Bio-climatic Design in warm / hot countries – Part I & II
Basic design principles of bioclimatic houses in warm/hot countries. The importance of insulation, air tightness, reducing the heat island effect, balance between natural daylighting and overheating, choice of glazing, shading devices, and usage of green roofs.
Overview of natural ventilation & cross-ventilation and various different passive ventilations techniques, including solar chimneys, wind towers, and provincial wells.

*CE05 – Wednesday, Aug 11th*
Casa Batroun & Bkerzay Eco-projects
- Casa Batroun, a small private house renovated and extended in an eco-friendly manner, which achieved the BREEAM Excellent rating and is the 1st project to be BREEAM-certified in Lebanon, and 1st BREEAM Excellent rating in the Middle-East. The detailed presentation will describe the bio-climatic design; the choice of materials; as well as all the energy-efficiency, water conservation, and sustainability features of the house.
- EcoBkerzay, the first lodging project in the country to achieve a BREEAM or LEED certification and one of the highest ratings (Very Good) in Lebanon under BREEAM International 2016.
An overview of the different environmental techniques & solutions that have been integrated into the project will be presented.

*GB03 - Friday, Aug 13th *
Energy-Efficiency – HVAC systems
Overview of energy-efficiency technologies / solutions suitable to hot climates, building services HVAC systems control and low-energy cooling, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, low-environmental impact cooling, choice of refrigerants and refrigerant leak detection systems, sub-metering and BMS, thermal comfort, thermal zoning and controls, and commissioning.

*GB09 - Wednesday, Aug 18th*
Introduction to Water Conservation in Buildings
Importance of water conservation: Choice of water-efficient devices and fixtures, introduction to rainwater collection in buildings, grey-water recycling for usage in buildings or irrigation, low-water irrigation & landscaping.

*GB04 - Friday, Aug 20th*
Energy-Efficiency – Lighting
Overview of the performance characteristics of lighting systems, different types of lighting, lighting controls, light pollution and guidelines for a good lighting design that reduces energy consumption and light pollution.
Thermal Modeling & Case Studies
A full dynamic 3D model of different case studies – including the objectives of the analysis, modelling procedure, results, and conclusions.

*GB10 – Wednesday, Aug 25th*
Green Buildings Case Studies
IC Elementary School & M1 Headquarters
First projects in Lebanon to achieve respectively the LEED Gold and LEED Platinum certificates; presentation includes each of the new buildings’ green features (from each credit category within LEED).

*GB11 & GB12 - Friday, Aug 27th & Wednesday, Sept 1st*
Overview of LEED, the USGBC, and GBCI
LEED Green Associate (GA) exam preparation
LEED GA specific exam preparation (overview of the LEED GA exam structure, hints on what to pay attention at, sample exam questions, online resources useful to prepare the exam)
LEED Green Associate Mock Exam
LEED GA specific mock exam questions & review of the correct answers
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