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Green Tara Gallery - Open House

Green Tara family has the pleasure of inviting you to the official opening of Green Tara Gallery in Fern el Hayek.

Our Open House will last for almost 20 days, during which all our esteemed customers will benefit from a 15% discount.

For those who haven’t received their invitations yet, kindly send us an email with all your contact details to receive your card and redeem this special discount.

Looking forward to seeing you!

About us:

We offer a selection of unique items including rare authentic furniture, fine fabrics, precious thankas, carpets & cushions, decorative objects and more. Most of our items are imported from Nepal, Tibet, Kashmir and Bhutan.

All Green Tara's items are handpicked with passion and chosen for their inspiring beauty and energy.

Green Tara, the Goddess

It is told that when the Boddhisattva Avalokiteshvara saw the suffering on earth, two tears fell from his eyes. Out of one emerged the White Tara called the Divine Mother and from the other was born the Green Tara, the Protector. Filled with youthful vitality, she acts quickly to help those who call upon to surmount their fears and anxieties. Hence, she is represented with the right leg always ready to step in and aid you in overcoming difficult situations.

Opening hours:

10 am till 7 pm
Monday through Saturday

For more info:
Tel: +961 1 203299!/greentarahousegallery

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