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Unhealthy eating habits, sudden headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, muscle tensions, unexplainable pains, self harm, self dislike, and other mind-body conflicts are all signals of the complaining body .

Group therapy provides a safe and confidential environment to explore the reasons behind the uncomfortable body symptoms that do not have clear medical explanation. Group therapy helps break the walls of isolation and helps reconnect with other people who have the same concerns and want to achieve the same goals.

The sessions are facilitated by Anita Toutikian, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Art Therapist and Group Therapist.

The method adopted for facilitating the group work is the INTERACTIONAL GROUP PROCESS MODEL developed by Irwin Yalom. This method helps individuals to understand themselves within the relational framework. The INTERACTIONAL GROUP PROCESS MODEL provides individuals with significant information about themselves, about how their behavior affects others and how they are in turn affected by others in the group and consequently in their lives and their habits. The group itself becomes the agent of change, with the leader supporting the process but not initiating it. Attention is focused on the nature and maturation of the relationships manifested in the "here and now" as the group takes place.

Dates: The sessions start on December 16 2014, and he group meets 12 times once a week until March 3 2015

Location: Green Clinics Sodeco Beirut. Independence Avenue, Near Zaatar ou Zeit, La Goulee Building, 5th floor.

Fees: $360 for the 12 sessions payable in advance.

for registration call 01/ 616310

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