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Gymnastics for kids & with learning difficulties at S-miles Center

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a fun way for your child to get and stay fit and is one of the only sports that works total body strength, flexibility and aerobic development, all while developing and enhancing motor skills.

The benefits of gymnastics go far beyond forward rolls and cartwheels. Gymnastics is the foundation that could result in your child being more confident and happier throughout their physical and academic life.

With proper skill progressions and fundamental strength development, we strive to not only increase the child's strength, skill and agility, but to also enrich the child through their participation in the sport that is an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle, and a strong compliment to other sports.

With the many small challenges in each class, gymnastics teaches self discipline while building self confidence. Studies by NASA have even shown that gymnastics increases the ability for academic learning and physical fitness.

The certified instructor at S-miles Center provides a wide variety of opportunities for your child (and even you) to experience this great sport.

Whether looking for a "one time" experience, or a fun but valuable recreational class, or fulfilling your child's dream to become a motivated and talented competitive athlete, S-miles Center has something for everyone.

S-miles Gymnastic Program

The S-miles program is a dynamic adaptive movement program for those participants facing the challenges of special needs. Based on the fundamental movement patterns of Gymnastics, this program can provide tremendous benefits for children with special needs.

The S-miles program promotes and enhances gross motor skill development and physical fitness, and helps to increase a child's self-image and social skills.

The physical activity and social interaction offered by S-miles program can be very beneficial to the children and their families. Presented in a safe, fun, supportive manner the program allows each participant to move forward at their own pace. The S-miles program offers small class sizes and structures the class around the individual child's needs.

The benefits offered by S-miles Gymnastic program can include:

 Physical Improvements:
Children suffering from physical impairments often have problems with motor skills in areas such as hopping, skipping and jumping. Involvement in gymnastics can help individuals develop and increase fundamental motor and physical fitness skills.

 Self-Esteem:
Developing a sense of self-esteem and confidence is an important part of childhood. Children need to be involved in environments where they feel that they are contributing successfully to a group. As a result of increased confidence and positive self-image, the child's abilities in other skill areas will also improve.

 Cognitive Benefits:
The hands-on aspect of gymnastics leads to cognitive skill improvement in children with learning difficulties and special needs and allows them to discover and access strengths that cannot be challenged in a classroom or clinical setting. Gymnastics can be used as a tool for introducing and practicing self regulation and decision making, as well as allowing children the opportunity to verbally communicate and interact with peers through involvement in gymnastics.

The S-miles Gymnastics program offers classes to accommodate a wide variety of Special Needs including:

 -Developmental Disabilities
 -Mild intellectual difficulties
 -Slow learners
 -Dyslexia, dyspraxia
 -Epilepsy
 -Sensory Integration Disorders
 -Mitochondrial Disorders
 -Speech Disorder
 -Emotionally disturbed
 -Vision Impaired
 -Hearing Impaired
 -Autism Spectrum Disorder
 -And many others

For more info please don't hesitate to contact us on +961 71 74 74 54

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