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Are you ready to empower yourself for 2015!
Yes 2014 has passed and so much has happened.. What is next?
Join us if you wish to prepare yourself in a new way for 2015!
Are you ready for more balance in the most important areas of your life?
If not, would you like to know where to start?
In this workshop you will learn how to evaluate your priorities and come out with your main goal for 2015.
You Will leave this workshop filled with positive energy ready to say good bye to 2014 Learnings, joys and challenges and experience self coaching techniques to get ready for 2015 in the most motivating ways.

Facilitator: NancyDheeresha Abdo
Date: Tuesday 16th December 2014
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Price: 45$

**Please note that Pre-registration is required for this workshop.**

Kindly Confirm your attendance by contacting 03 - 218 212 or by sending an email to

About the faciliatator:
Nancy Dheeresha Abdo is a Certified Leadership, Executive & Positive Change Coach.
Louise Hay & Osho Therapist. Medical Yoga & Active Meditation Leader as well as Reiki Enerygy Balancing Expert.
Nancy’s primary objective is to support people take control of their lives by mastering the power of their minds in order to enable them to optimize their full potential and live a joyful positive healthy life.
Nancy is the Founder of which aim is to spread positivity in Lebanon and in the region.

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