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  • Every Tuesday from 07:30 pm until 09:00 pm, Mar 01 2016 to May 31 2016
  • LifeInspired, Zalka, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Sports & Outdoor

Hatha Flow YOGA Class

Hatha Yoga promotes proper body alignment, balance, mindfulness, strength and tranquility. It is a balanced combination of the use of postures, or Asanas, and the use of flowing movements, such as Vinyasa.

Asanas concentrate on basic alignment and sustained postures in combination with breath control and observation. This type of Hatha Yoga provides a great stretch and strengthens the body.

Flow concentrates on "flowing" from one Asana to the other, instead of maintaining it. It is a mindful progression between postures while keeping attention on basic alignment. This type provides a good physical work-out and a challenge to your endurance.

WHEN: Starting March 1st, Tuesdays @ 7:30pm-9:00pm
WHERE: LifeInspired, Zalka-Beirut
Teacher: Samir Kheiralla
Fees: 25,000 LL drop-in OR 80,000 LL for 4-week class package

Call 70126053 to reserve your mat.

About Your Teacher, Samir Kheiralla

Yoga has been Samir Kheirallah's passion since 2013 when he embarked on a journey to Mysore, India which changed his life around. With 200+ hours of intensive training under the guidance of Yoga Archarya Sir. Bharat Shetty he received his teacher training certification. He also took part in a thorough Sadhana retreat at Shivananda. Ashram in Kerala-India, he is looking forward to continuing his practice and grow his capabilities.

Upon his return to his homeland, Lebanon, Samir decided to serve his community by working with a local NGO while still fine tuning his yoga practice by giving workshops at several events and festivals around the country.

With time Samir began to shift his entire focus in pursuit of his true passion as a Yoga practitioner and surrendered his position at the NGO to begin his full time dedication to share his yogic experience. By teaching the varied techniques of yoga and its many benefits on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels Samir continues to grow his following and practice providing both Hatha, a gentle form of practice, and Vinyasa a more dynamic yoga flow in several Yoga studios around the country.

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