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  • Saturday Mar 29 2014 from 11:00 am until 06:00 pm
  • JPC Healing Center, MirnaChalouhi Center 2nd floor, Mirna Chalouhi Highway to Sin el Fil, Dekwaneh, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Family & Kids, Conferences & Workshops, Other


On Saturday March 29 and Sunday 30 from 11 am to 6 Pm

This course is dedicated for all the people who truly care on making their life a wonderful life on all levels.

This course is for adults, kids and families.

You will learn Self-Healing and of others through Trigger Point Techniques, easy Massage Techniques, Breathing and QiGong exercises that can be easily practiced daily on ourselves and on those we love and having them working on us too.

Breathing Techniques help in the maintenance of good health, through absorbing higher and better quantity of life force energy called Prahna and through obtaining more Oxygen in our heart, blood, brain and in all our vital organs and into our bones and into the skin, making the skin look fresher and young. This is the secret behind some Chinese monks who had been able to look for long years and looking younger and stronger that his real age.

QiGong is a combination of breathing technique practiced at the same time while performing some easy movements of strengthening the body, extending it and stretching it, opening of the meridians ( the lines on which Acupuncture Therapist place their needles for healing), healing and strengthening every part of the body, from the legs, up to the waste, stomach and lower back muscles, upper back and shoulders, the front of the body, the neck, arms and the head.
You will learn standing meditations for healing, spirituality and martial art accumulation of CHI energy and obtaining a stronger will power.

You can practice everyday on yourself and on others anywhere you are, in the office at work, comfort of home, at friends place etc

Obtain better well being, inner and outer relaxation by working on the physical, mental and emotional well being.

Get the opportunity to learn by practicing on oneself, on others and also have others working on you.

Help yourself obtain a Happy Body, Happy Mind, Happy Emotions and Happy Soul for oneself and others.

Please bring your kids with you as they are the best in learning such things from very young age and becoming great beings as they become adults.

Price: 100$ per day 25$ for those repeating

PS: Do not let the money be your limit for learning and self loving. Pay as much as you can afford and pay the rest when ever you can afford.

Pay It Forward by giving this opportunity to others by telling everyone you know about this course

It is in Giving that We receive, as we sow abundantly, we reap abundantly

Please call and book in advance to reserve your seat

JPC.Healing Center
#MirnaChalouhi Center
Mirna Chalouhi Highway from #Almaza to #Saloumeh
Second Floor

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