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HEALING THE PAST certified Workshop
“A practical guide aiming to heal the wounds of the past and to live a fulfilled life today”.

HEALING THE PAST” approach is a way to deal with health issues and unsolved emotional processes. It is a sequence of techniques based on kinesiology, some types of energy work, and also relaying strongly on intuition.The techniques used to bring back the hidden processes to the surface can sometimes trigger the experience of scenes from our own past.
we are able to uncover the unsolved emotional process, to find out the reason for our problem today. With several techniques based on energy work we can now unblock the unsolved emotional process to heal the past, or at least a very traumatizing past experience, still lingering in our unconscious till today.

About the instructor, Uli Gühsgen:
Uli runs a practice and a school of complementary medicine in Eschweiler, Germany. He is an accredited Touch-for-health Instructor since 1995 as well as other healing modalities.

Price: $185 - including manual, cerificate, and coffee breaks and snacks.
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $170 if paid by Dec 27.

Hamra st, Estral center, Beirut.
Phone: 01755667 - 03938554


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