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Healing Yoga Nidra for the Body, Mind & Spirit - Free Online Session by I Have Learned Academy

Healing Yoga Nidra for the Body, Mind & Spirit.
Free Online Session by I Have Learned Academy
Part of the Free Online Series Program: "Toolkit for Life in crisis times & after Covid-19"

Yoga Nidra rests, restores and renews. Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of meditation which helps cure chronic and acute physical, mental and emotional disorders. Yoga Nidra allows you to release unresolved unconscious issues that are playing an unwanted role in your daily life. Yoga Nidra is effective because it traces your consciousness to the subconscious where your Samskaras rest. Yoga Nidra is as refreshing as a full night of peaceful sleep.
The natural healing wisdom of the body is awakened and illuminated.
You will be guided to a place of supreme stillness, peace and insight. In this state of thought-free existence, you will experience the eternal aspect of your being, the luminous presence of who you are.
This simple yet profound technique is practiced lying down. Be sure to:
- wear comfortable clothes
- get a pillow and a blanket
- earphones if desired
We will begin the session with a few deep tension releasing postures.
We will flow into our practice by a deep relaxation through the chakras and emotional centers of the body.
- Yoga Nidra
- Silent seated meditation
- Space for sharing and questions after the practice.
Information about the trainer:
Samantha Howick, scholar, artist, yogini & mother of 4. Founder of One Yoga Academy. Offering a variety of Certification Courses designed to ignite your deepest knowing.
With over 25 years of dedicated discipleship Samantha is passionate about sharing the transformative and healing power of yoga through a variety of modalities.
Her method which fuses an alchemy of practices and a multi-lineage of teachings, connects us to our deepest knowing. It clears blocks and perceived limitations and awakens us to our unique gifts.
Our deeply held emotional patterns and fragmented parts are gently guided into the light of individual awareness where they can be felt and integrated or released. This intelligence naturally restores wholeness where self-realization awakens us to our highest possibility.

Booking info
This session is online and Free of Charge!
Booking is a must on the below link:
Donations are optional and encouraged, distributed to families in need.
Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.

This session is organized by I Have Learned Academy, part of a program named: Toolkit for life in crisis times & after COVID-19.
This program is done by I Have Learned Academy in collaboration with the US Embassy in Beirut.
Intro on Have Learned Academy:
I Have Learned Academy is a place where you can learn everything that you didn't learn at school!
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This session will be online from the comfort of your home.

For more info about the workshop contact or +961-3-614493 (phone or whatsapp).

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