Health, Food & Fitness Day
by I Have Learned Academy
at Le Mythe Antelias

Better health is crucial to human happiness and well-being.
Pollution, unhealthy food and chemicals are all around us and this is affecting our health and the health of our children.

During this full day of workshops & exhibition, you will learn how to optimize your health, work on your fitness, prevent yourself from sickness, eat healthy food and exercise in a fun way.

The day will consist of:
- 4 educational workshops
- 2 fitness classes
- 1 Tips Session
- Healthy Lunch at Europa Restaurant in Le Mythe (Green Tickets only)
- Exhibition area for health, wellness, organic products & services
- Free Massage trials by Le Mythe
- Free Diet Consultations by Cleanse
- Free services for all like: Pranic Healing session trial, Access Bar session trial, Mandala Coloring, Free Mini PT sessions, and much more!
- Pool Access
- Restaurant access where you can purchase what you want a la carte
- Gifts & Goodie Bags (Green Tickets only)
- And much more!

- 9:00 – 9:30 am – Arrival and check-in and Healthy Breakfast by Le Mythe, Eshmoon and House of Marmalade. Tea by Caspule & Bio.
- 9:30 – 11:00 am – SESSION 1: Your Biological Clock – Salma Diab
- 11:00 – 11:30 am – Coffee Break
- 11:30 am – 12:45 pm – SESSSION 2: Healthy Gut for a Healthy Life – Dr Walid Khairallah
- 12:45 – 02:00 pm – Lunch break (Seated lunch for Green tickets holders at Europa French Restaurant in Le Mythe), Free time for others (a la carte lunch available)
- 2:00 – 3:15 pm – SESSION 3 - Understanding & Preventing Cancer for Children & Adults – Dr Roula Farah Sayad
- OR: SESSION 4: Stop Sugar Craving & Find Healthy Alternatives – Salma Diab
- 3:15 – 3:30 pm – Coffee Break
- 3:30 – 4:45 pm – FITNESS SESSION: Yoga session with Hisham Nasr or QiGong with Daniel Tawbi Habibian
- 4:50 – 5:40 pm – TIPS SESSION: Tips to Reach your fitness goals with Maya Nassar Maalouf

ONGOING: All day: Pool access, Exhibition Area, Massage Trial by Le Mythe, Diet Consultation by Cleanse, Mini Personal Training (PT) session with Fitnomz, Free Nail Polish with Lexy, Mini “Access Bar” sessions with Life Inspired, Energy Healing trials with White Lotus, Community Mandala Coloring with Aryan Art Collectors and much more!

About the Workshops & trainers:
SESSION 1: Your Biological Clock - Salma Diab
- An introduction of what is the biological clock.
- An explanation of how light controls our circadian rhythm.
- A brief explanation of the 24-hour cycle.
- How understanding the biological clock can help us optimize our health.
- An overview of how you can optimize your metabolism if you master your circadian rhythm.
- Understanding how the biological clock is affected by electromagnetic fields.
- An explanation of the difference between natural light and artificial light and how it affects our biological clock

Salma Diab
Salma is a certified dietitian. After working as a research coordinator at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), she started her own practice as a health advisor and chose to adopt a holistic approach, focusing not only on food and nutrition but also on treating each person as a whole. Salma is dedicated to re-introducing nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and awareness raising. She promotes the wise and nurturing traditions that were practiced by our ancestors to prevent and treat diseases and assists her clients to build a healthy relationship with food.

SESSION 2: Healthy Gut for a Healthy Life - Dr Walid Khairallah
You will learn:
- The importance of a healthy gut
- The link between different diseases and the problems in the guts
- The importance of Nutrition for better health
- The importance of the Mind-Body connection

Dr Walid Khairallah
Dr. Khairallah is a Consultant in Endocrinology at the Bellevue Medical Center. An expert in evidence-based functional medicine, he is reputed for giving nutritional therapy and lifestyle modifications their important values in the management of patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis, as well as special conditions such as autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, and auto-immune diseases. After graduating in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology at the American University of Beirut, he worked at the eminent Joslin Diabetes Center affiliate in Manama, and there he realized the major importance of the interaction of genetics with diet and exercise on the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the Gulf. He then went to the US where he started training in biomedical nutrition for special conditions such as autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, and autoimmune diseases. Dr. Khairallah is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York where he has trained to become a Health Coach. He has numerous publications in PubMed, the official medical publication agency.

He is currently the manager of Green Clinics - Beirut, a center that joins the efforts of medical doctors, nutritional therapists and psychotherapists to help patients implement behavioral changes in their daily lives in order to reach their goals of health and well-being.

SESSION 3: Understanding & Preventing Cancer for Children & Adults - Dr Roula Farah-Sayad
Get to understand what cancer is and how to prevent it in individuals of all ages (Children and Adults) by getting to know multiple facts and actions to take.

You will learn:
- What is Cancer?
- We all have Cancer cells
- How to prevent cancer?
- What are the warning signs of cancer for children & adults
- How to maintain a healthy lifestyle
- Q&A and special cases

Dr. Roula A. Farah (Sayad), M.D, FAAP
Dr. Farah completed her medical degree at USJ, as well as Columbia University in New York, Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and her fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.
She received many awards for her scientific work and as a pioneer in the medical field in various diseases. She was selected by local magazines in Lebanon as one of the 7 influential women of the country and as one of the “Inspirational Women in the region”.
In 2002, she was touched by a child from Damour who died from his cancer cause he could not afford the cost of his care and founded CHANCE (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr) association, a non-profit-organization that supports children with cancer and serious blood disorders financially, emotionally and psychologically.
She strongly believes in family values and encourages women to find balance between career and family.
She also believes in leading a healthy lifestyle promoting anti-smoking, healthy eating habits and sports and has herself participated in many running competitions and marathons.
Her Motto is: “Always be positive. Never give up. Never be afraid of challenges.”

You will have the choice between:
- A Yoga session with Dr Hisham Nasr
- A Qigong Session with Daniel Tawbi Habibian

Hatha Yoga with Hisham:
The Hatha Yoga session will include the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body.

Dr. Hisham Nasr started practicing yoga and meditation in a young age (in 1995). In 1998 he started at school a yoga circle, then he underwent a 2 months retreat of seclusion, silence and meditation that resulted in life changing experiences. Dr. Hisham is a medical doctor (general medicine). In 2008 he scored 2nd between more than 150 doctors in the Lebanese colloquium.
He is the founder of Ananda Yoga Center an NGO that works on spreading inner wellbeing through yoga, meditation, poetry, arts, farming and ecotours.
Hisham is an experienced teacher and is conducting yearly Teacher Training Courses in collaboration with Yoga Vana India. In his approach
Dr. Hisham integrates the experience of more than 20 years of spiritual search (the knowledge rooted in oriental and occidental spiritual traditions, Sufism and jnana), yoga practice and medical knowledge.

QiGong with Daniel:
With roots in ancient Chinese Culture, Qi Gong dates back more than 4000 years. It is a holistic system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing and meditation. Its guiding principle is the coordination of the eyes with the body movements, the focus of the mind, and the specialized breathing which is coordinated with the hand activity.

Daniel Tawbi Habibian is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Chinese Martial Arts from the French Federation, certified instructor by the French Ministry of Sports. After 15 years of practice, he traveled to China and spent almost a year learning at a Shaolin Temple. He is an expert in External Styles (Nan Quan and Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan), Self Defense, as well as Internal (Yang Tai Ji) and energetic styles (Qi Gong).

TIPS SESSION: How to reach your Fitness Goals with Maya Nassar Maalouf:
In this session you will learn practical and helpful tips that could help you step by step to reach your fitness goals, regardless of your current level of fitness or weight.

Maya, celebrity fitness star, fitness entrepreneur, specialist in personal training and nutrition and an international fitness model champion.  In the past she struggled with her weight and has lost 20 kilograms of fat and five dress sizes. She is the former host of Get Fit on MTV Lebanon and is the fitness guru for Virgin Radio Stars.
Maya is the first female to be endorsed by an Arab government to represent Lebanon in bikini fitness competitions abroad. Since 2013, she has won a total of 9 trophies. She also launched the first fitness mobile application in Lebanon that has been ranked as the number one app several times by the Apple Store, competing with international apps. She is currently the owner of her own gym Start Living Right with 2 branches and is a mother to two boys.

Event Location:
Le Mythe is a beautiful villa transformed into a venue with pool, restaurant and much more.
It is in located in Antelias, right after Pointure.

Special discount on the Green Ticket for students with a valid student card, email us your card on for more info.

Tickets types:
- RED Ticket - 15$ - Exhibition Area + Pool Access + Free Diet Consultation with Cleanse + Benefits from the stands: Free Mandala Coloring, Energy Healing Session, Free "Access Bar" mini session + Discount voucher of 20% for upcoming workshops by I Have Learned Academy.
NB: Lunch is NOT included in this formula, but you can purchase a la carte lunch from Le Mythe.

- YELLOW Ticket - 56$ -
All benefits of the Red ticket: Exhibition Area + Pool Access + Free Diet Consultation with Cleanse + Benefits from the stands: Free Mandala Coloring, Energy Healing Session, Free "Access Bar" mini session + Discount voucher of 20% for upcoming workshops by I Have Learned Academy.
--> In addition to:
- 1 Workshop of your choice (Choose one from sessions 1 to 4)
- Coffee break of the related session
- Free massage trials by Le Mythe
- Fitness session: Yoga / QiGong
- Fitness Tips Session with Maya Nassar
NB: Lunch is NOT included in this formula, but you can purchase a la carte lunch from Le Mythe.

- GREEN Ticket - 98$ -
All benefits of the Red ticket: Exhibition Area + Pool Access + Free Diet Consultation with Cleanse + Benefits from the stands: Free Mandala Coloring, Energy Healing Session, Free "Access Bar" mini session + Discount voucher of 20% for upcoming workshops by I Have Learned Academy.
--> In addition to:
- Access to all Workshops
- Fitness session: Yoga / QiGong
- Tips session
- Free massage trials by Le Mythe
- Healthy Breakfast
- Coffee Breaks
- Healthy Seated Lunch at Europa French Restaurant in Le Mythe
- Certificate of Attendance
- Goodie bag with healthy food products, vouchers, wellness products & gifts

Tickets info:
Tickets can be booked online on Ihjoz:

And Offline from Malik's Bookshop or Khoury Home any branch, or I Have Learned Academy.

Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.
Workshops slots are limited to 30 seats MAX per session.
First come, first served.

Discounts available for Students, Companies & Groups.

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