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Heritage | Opeth Tribute : Closure

After the huge success of the first 2 nights, Heritage-Opeth Tribute comes to you with a third Opeth Night live at KED - Beirut to pay tribute to the Swedish Prog Titans.

Rach April Bassili (April/ Rach April) on Vocals
Khodor Nashar (Maysaloon) on Guitars and Vocals
Jake Shuker (Maysaloon) on Guitars
Mood Yassin (Turbulence) on Keyboard and Guitars
Hassan AK (Blaakyum) on Drums
Charbel Ghafary (Reigen LB) on Bass

Doors open at 8 pm.
Tickets will be available at the doors for 10000LBP before 9pm and for 15000 LBP after 9pm.

This event is strictly 18+


T: 70 934 904

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