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Under the slogan of « Hikeit.Protectit » #hikeitprotectit

LMT re-launches its citizen project that matters to all of us!

The Lebanon Mountain Trail Association’s ambitious call is to preserve the country's longest distance hiking trail from unplanned development; and through this corridor to preserve the heritage of our mountains. The LMTA is calling local authorities and the Lebanese Government to officially recognize this trail as an important national trail to be preserved, following the path of many countries that have recognized their national trails and protected them more than fifty years ago.

On this thousand-year-old path, have walked our ancestors and all the civilizations that have passed through Lebanon. In order to stop the degradation of our mountain landscape, it is our duty to try to preserve what remains of the history, green spaces and beautiful landscapes.

The path, internationally recognized, reveals all the cultural and natural diversity of Lebanon. It is in itself a travel guide at the heart of Lebanon's identity. While celebrating the beauty of the Lebanese mountains, it promotes responsible tourism that generates economic benefits to local communities (around $65K during the Thru-Walk alone).

Being a member of the World Trail Network, the LMT (Lebanon Mountain Trail) is Lebanon's first long-distance trail. It stretches from Andqet Akkar in northern Lebanon to Marjaayoun in the south. A 470 km long trail that crosses more than 75 villages at an altitude ranging from 570 meters to 2,011 meters above sea level.

A 30-day walk (the Thru-Walk) is planned every year in April. This year, hikers will depart into three groups. The first starts its hike from the north to the south while the other two begin their walk from the south towards the north. Hikers will cross villages and valleys, accompanied by local guides. They will sleep in guesthouses, small family-run hotels, and convents and will savor the local cuisine.

More than 230 hikers are already registered in the Thru Walk. 47% of the participants are from foreign nationalities, majority of whom are coming specifically to Lebanon to participate in the hike. Many are also from the Lebanese diaspora for whom the Lebanon Trail is the best way to reconnect with their home country.

You may find below how the three groups (20 persons each), are divided:

- The hedgehog team will hit the trail on March 30 and will head from the North to the South.

- The porcupine team will hit the trail on March 30 and will head from the South to the North.

- The Spiny Mouse Team: will hit the trail on April 4th and will head from the South to the North.

Those who do not enjoy the required endurance or cannot walk for 30 days can join the teams for sectional hikes. More information is available on . Many hikers have decided to join the walk in order to raise funds and support the LMT.

About the LMT and the LMTA

Since 2007, the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association has been working to promote and support sustainable rural tourism and preserve heritage that contributes to the promotion of economic opportunities for local communities. The association's programs are diverse and include community development, education, and trail development projects in cooperation with local communities.