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Hiking in the jungle is just amazing!!!

This hike from “Abaydat” to “Sakiet el Khait” is different. It is located in North of Lebanon, in Jbeil area, and it is one of the highlights of ancient caves in Lebanon where you can take a lot of unforgettable pictures.
It is believed that some of these caves-churches are aged between 1000 to 2000 years old. You reach these churches by climbing steel stairs, because they are carved high in the rocks.
Abaydat lies in a splendidly beautiful area in Lebanon.
HIKING LEVEL. 1 to 3 for easy, 4 to 6 for intermediate, 7 to 9 for strenuous
The hike will be divided into two levels:
Our first level 4 is intermediate. It is a beautiful trail, and it is an amazing walking path of just 7 KM. You will visit the cave of Mar Semaan; one of Mar Maroun's followers. Theses caves are very old and date for more than thousand years. There are residues of frescos painted on the inner walls.

The stunning mountainous landscape, with trees seemingly defying gravity and growing on extremely vertical slopes, is impressive. You will also be able to see rare views particular to this altitude terrain. The scenery is great.

Level 5 will continue to the church of Mar Antonios, dating around 600 years old. It is a steep downhill walk to the church. You will return back on the same route to meet Level 4 and walk along a track rich in beautiful views and you will have lunch under huge oak trees, beside St. Peter and Paul Church.

Later on, you will visit “Mar Takla”, a historical church in “Shamat” village built in the second Century B.C. from the remains of roman ruins.

On our way back to Beirut, we will pass by “Byblos” to visit the historical Souk and the old port.

Diversified..? Yes!!!!! The hidden treasures and beauty of Lebanon are yet to be discovered

HIKE LOCATION: Abaydat/Jbeil/ In the North
500 meters above sea level.
37 km from Beirut.
WHEN: Sunday, January 11, 2015
ENCOUNTER PLACE: Mar Maroun Church Parking, Dora @ 7:30 AM
OUR FEES: 35,000 LL per person including transport, guides, insurance. Special price 30,000 LL for young under 18 years old or group of 5 persons.
WHAT TO GET: Get some light snacks that will boost up your energy such as dried fruits. Pack your backpacks with lunch, water, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. Don't forget to get a jacket. Wear comfortable walking shoes, preferably hiking shoes (Professional brand is recommended). DC members get a 20% discount on sports equipment from Sports 4 Ever branches.
There will be a breakfast stop along the way.
FOR RESERVATION AND INFO: Please Call 00961-70-986118

Note: Ecotourism Rules should be followed like Safety regulations. Otherwise all accidents will not be recognized by the insurance. And occasionally, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the event may occur.

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