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Happy Easter team!

For this occasion, join us on foot Monday 28th of March to hike from Mar Semaan Aitou to Hamatoura Monastery (the convent built inside rocks) in the Northern part of Lebanon.
Our hike will start from Deir Mar Semaan Aitou on an Altitude of 1100m, going all the way down through wonderful pine forests, covering around 90% of the track, where we will have a picnic lunch underneath, before we reach Deir Hamatoura in Kousba on 400m where we will visit the monastery to end our hike and head back to Beirut
Aitou is one of the first villages in Casa ZGHARTA , far from the capital by 113 km and far from Tripoli by 27 km , and Zgharta , the casa center by 19 km . It is between 900 & 1300 meters above sea level.

Some useful information:
Level: Meduim
Track length: 12km
Estimated time: 4 to 5 hours at slow pace
Expected calories burnt: 1300 to 1700 kcals

What to wear?
- Comfortable hiking shoes
- Comfortable pants
- Jacket
- Hat
- Sun glasses
- Sun screen
- Bring a Walking stick

Meeting point:
Sin El Fil Futuroscope Facing Hilton (le Mall), going towards Furn El Chebbak, next to Parking Home furniture at 8:30 am


40,000 LL inclusive of: Bus transportation, guides, Insurance- For those who prefer to order a lunch box, an additional 15,000 LL is to be added, otherwise please bring your own food with you- we will also have a stop at a bakery and supermarket in the morning.

10% discount for a group of 5 & above. Kids under age of 12 will pay 32,000 LL.

Early reservation is highly recommended by confirming your attendance on the event and calling 71- 44 33 23.

Payments are to be done in advance to secure your booking and payments methods are:
-Bank Audi (any branch) to the account number: 023711 mentioning the name of the event, your name and mobile number
-BLOM Bank (any branch) account #035-02-304-1475222-1-6 mentioning the name of the event, your name and mobile number
-OMT/Western Union: please call us for beneficiary name
*All Payments are non-refundable in case of cancellation, however, a 100% refund will apply in case of event cancellation.

*Event may be cancelled if a minimum number of 12 is not achieved

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