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Hiking from Dhoor Shweir to Khenchara then to Hemlaya with Footprints Nature Club

Happy New Year Everyone... May this year be full of hiking and outdoors activities with the Footprints Nature Club...

The first trip in 2019 will be on a lovely trail that will take us this Sunday 06 January 2019 to the Metn Region to have a:

Hiking from Dhoor Shweir to Khenchara then to Hemlaya

We will start from the village of Dhour Shweir and hike all the way to Khenchara Village to end in the Monastery and visit the Middle East's first Arabic Printing Press Museum inside the Monastery to end the first level. We will continue the second level of our hike to the village of Hemlaya if the overall conditions allow us to do it.

We will have two levels for this hike:
Easy to Medium Level that ends in Khenchara (6 to 7/10, around 8 KMs, with around 4 hours).
Medium Level that will continue to Hemlaya: (7/10, around 13 KMs, with around 5 hours).

Note that we usually don't cancel our trips if it is raining. We take our raining gear and enjoy walking under the rain.

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رحلتنا لهذا الأحد 06 كانون الثاني 2019 ستكون على درب جديد في منطقة المتن لنستمتع برحلة:

مشي في الطبيعة من ضهور الشوير الى الخنشارة ثم حملايا

الرحلة ستبدأ من بلدة ضهور الشوير الرائعة لنتوجه الى بلدة الخنشارة التاريخية حيث سنزور المطبعة التاريخية الأولى في الشرق الأوسط داخل الدير حيث سينتهي المستوى الأول. نكمل بعد ذلك بإتجاه بلدة حملايا لننهي المستوى الثاني.

الرحلة ستنقسم الى مستويين:
مستوى سهل إلى متوسط: الدرب ينتهي في بلدة الخنشارة بمسافة 8 كلم ووقت حوالي 4 ساعات.
مستوى متوسط: ينتهي في بلدة حملايا بمسافة 13 كلم ووقت حوالي 5 ساعات.
ملاحظة: في حال كان الطقس ماطراً، فإننا لا نلغي الرحلة بل نتجهز بما يلزم لنستمتع بالمشي تحت المطر.

Cost Details

The trip's fees are 35,000 L.L. covering:
Transportation from and back to Beirut
Cost of the guides
For more details, please check the event on our website:

For Reservations
Call or send us SMS or WHATSAPP message with the names of all the participants on the number 03-876112

03-876112 للحجز، الرجاء الإتصال على الرقم

You can also send us email with all the names and phone number to:

Note that reservations on the Facebook event will not be counted.

You might be asked to complete the payments before Saturday in the Bank Account that will be provided to you upon reservation. See you...

You can reserve using your username and password directly from our mobile app that you can download from Google Play or App Store...

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