This event has passed.

Hiking from Kahlooniye to Moukhtara with Footprints Nature Club

Adha Moubarak everyone. May this occasion brings peace and happiness to all of us and to our beloved Lebanon.

We were supposed to have an amazing hiking trip with the Footprints Nature Club this Sunday 28 October in Ouyoun Samak this Sunday. However, the unstable situation in the North has obliged us to change it to:

Hiking from Kahlooniye to Moukhtara

The region is simply gorgeous. It is part of the Shouf Nature Reserve. Our walk will be of an Easy to Medium level (6 to 7/10) with around 9 KMs. We might have to pass sometimes in the water of the Barouk River to pass from a place to another. So prepare yourselves with waterproof jackets as it also might be raining.

We will also pass through several historical bridges on the way, in addition to a hidden place called Birket El-3aroos (the Photo).

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