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Hiking Nahr el-Kaleb, Zekrit
Hola amigos!!!!!

Come and join us on Sunday morning for couple of hours.
We will gather in front of Nahr el founoun Restaurant in Dbayeh (River side) and start our march till the Rock of Naher El Kaleb (Open Museum) and then we will take the stair way over the tunnel to reach the foothill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The views are remarkable; don’t miss them.
HIKING LEVEL: 1 to 3 for easy, 4 to 6 for intermediate, 7 to 9 for strenuous
Our hike level is 4 and intermediate. It is a beautiful and amazing walking path of just 10 KM. We will visit the historical Deir Mar Youssef; one of Mar Yacoub followers.

We will go in one group and take an easy path leading to “Zekrit Forest” and have lunch there. In this hike, you will have many reasons to keep your cameras handy; from the moment you start hiking until the moment you stop, there will be scenes you'll want to cherish forever.

At the end we will walk in the old village rich in ruins and caves and visit a very old Monastery Mar Abda Mochammar (Saint Abda the guardian) located on top of the mountain. It is built near a pagan temple over an old grotto and it was considered for generation as a location for pilgrimage and devotion. It constitutes an oasis of peace. The grotto is miraculous, solicited to grant sterile women fertility.

We are gonna have fun, enjoy our day, take lots of photos and learn more about our history. The tour is cultural as well.
HIKE LOCATION: Nahr El-Kaleb, Zekrit, Dbayeh – Mount Lebanon
15 to 170 meters above sea level
WHEN: Sunday, January 3, 2016 @ 8 Am

ENCOUNTER PLACE: we will park our cars on Nahr el Kaleb, river way Near Nahr el Founoun restaurant.
FEES: 25,000 LL per person including guides, insurance.
WHAT TO GET: Get some light snacks that will boost up your energy such as dried fruits. Pack your backpacks with water, cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Don't forget to get a jacket. Wear comfortable walking shoes, preferably hiking shoes (Professional brand is recommended). DC members get a 20% discount on sports equipment in Sports 4 Ever branches.
Note: Ecotourism Rules should be followed like Safety regulations. Otherwise all accidents will not be recognized by the insurance. And occasionally, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the event may occur.
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Dale Corazon.

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