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Sports4life will take you at this time of year hiking in Jabal Moussi ,it is located in the Kesrouan area, 50 km from the capital Beirut, it dominates two rivers: Nahr Ibrahim from the northern side and Nahr el Dahab from the southern side. The main surrounding villages are: Yahchouch, Ghbeleh, Qehmez, Nahr ed Dahab, Ain el Delbeh, Al iibre, Chouwan and Broqta;
Jabal Moussi is one of only 3 biosphere reserves in Lebanon and one of 24 in the Middle East. The Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea to the west, reflects a true mosaic of ecological systems. The reserve is characterized by its incredible biodiversity: there are 215 different types of plants and 20 different types of trees, 11 of which are endemic. More than 16 different species of mammals have been discovered including the hyena, wolf, rock hyrax etc
A particularly interesting characteristic of Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve is its combination of a rich cultural and natural heritage. The famous legend of Adonis and Astarte haunts the deep and intriguing Adonis valley, and vestiges of the ancient Roman emperor Hadrian still remain. After reaching the top of the mountain, a surprise awaits you in the form of 3 old and beautiful houses vernacular in style, reflecting Lebanon’s building traditions.
Different trails are available in the reserve; we will hike most of them in amidst breathtaking natural scenery. Join us in this amazing journey!

Sunday December 16, 2012.

Event: Hiking at Jabal Moussi
Timing: from 7:00 till 19:00
Fee: 30 000 L.L. plus reserve entrance 8000 LL
Gathering: fouad chehab parking jounieh @ 07:00
We leave by cars @ 07:15, the level of the hike is moderate , level 7, 7 hours for a distance of 14km..

Lunch break on the way (bring your own snacks & beverages (2L of water – sandwishes, energy bars – chocolate...), wear long pants, hiking shoes (goretex vibram), hiking poles, sweatshirt (fleece) & jacket, hat, buff, sunglasses, sun screen, first aid kit. It is cold now so beanie & gloves always in back pack.

Please note that reservation is a must.
Mobile: 03 574874

Sports4Life team is looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.


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