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Hiking to Ehmej with Born2Hike

Join us this Sunday to enjoy Ehmej Village in winter time!
The municipality of Ehmej is located in the Kaza of Jbeil, 57 Km far from Beirut. The village is 1140m above sea level and it stretches over an area of 1742 hectares, 17.42 Km2.

Unspoiled forests, cliffs, and valleys, Ehmej is the perfect destination for marvelous hikes all year round. Stunning views and friendly villagers makes Ehmej an ideal destination for escaping the city, being only 1 hour from Beirut and 25 minutes from Byblos.

Join us this Sunday Born2hike will take us to a new trail and a new adventure at Ehmej .

We will start our hike from “Haqlet el Heya ” a cluster of Ehmej eastern extremity. Altitude 1200m. A SL A narrow concrete path leads to an old oak tree and continues as a footpath to a high vertical isolated rock known as "Qornet-ar-Râheb" or “The Monk's peak ,

after that The path continues uphill and eventually flattens at the top at an old forgotten cherry orchard. This is the highest point of the itinerary. Altitude 1600m. where we can take our lunch and enjoying the panoramic view of Ehmej before going down to 1300 ASL passing by the region of “Niznazeh valley ” which is never hit by the sun, “syar” region, a maple tree with its wonderful reddish color and a 400 years old tree.
This moderate level hike is around 12 Km,

* Level: 5 Advanced
* Hiking distance: 12 km
* Moving time: 4:00 hr
* Total hiking duration: 5:00 hr
Dep: 8am from Alfa

*Meeting Point:
Alfa (Furn el Chebbak), under the bridge, near The City of Furniture in front of Sagesse University. We can pick up the hikers who live on our way.

*Breakfast on our road

*Required Materials:
- Hiking boots
- Water proof jacket
- Backpack
- Min. 1 liter of water
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- Healthy snacks
- Hat

* Fees:

30,000 LBP (this amount includes transportation and guide, but does not include medical insurance)

For reservation call or send SMS specifying the number of participants and their full names to:
Issam Diab 03 28 78 38

Keep Hiking!
Born2hike team.

P.S: Thank you for NOT smoking during our trips!

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