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Kfar Mishki (Its name means: Leather Village/Leather Tanning) - 900 to 1350 m Is a small village in the Caza of Rachaya El Wadi, where most of its inhabitants migrated to Ottawa, Canada.
They left to Canada in the late 1800, early 1900. 16 members were on board of the Titanic, only 2 survived, one of them Zad Nasrallah passed away in 1995.
There are two big families and 16 other small ones: Nasrallah, Saikaly, Ayoub, Saab, Azzam, Haddad, Bauchy, Zahalan....
The actual inhabitants are around 500 most of them cultivate their lands.
The main products of the village are: Grapes and Olive of high quality.
It is 52 km from Zahle and it lies on the East Mountain Chain of Lebanon. It is known for its unique Oak trees and filled with caves, rock shelters, ancient temples (Nabi Safa)... You will see also the Haramoun Mountain and a big plain planted with grape trees during the Hike
At lunch time we will meet local villagers who will prepare a healthy meal from natural local products which consists of Saj of all kinds (Goats' Labneh, cheese, kishk, homemade Zaatar...) and there will be a display of local products for sales uch as Olives, Olive Oil, Debs, Goats' Labneh....

Expected burned calories for this entire hike: 2000Kcal

Who can join the Hike (10km)?
- Anyone having a moderate fitness level
- Families
- Your friends...

Investment: 30$/participant
- Including breakfast
- Transportation
- Lunch
- Guides

What to bring and what to put in your back pack?
• Solid and comfortable walking or hiking shoes
• Solid and comfortable pants
• ID & Insurance card
• Hat
• Sunglasses
• Sun screen
• Wind breaker
• Extra T-shirt

Info and reservation: 03955642
Hope to see you

Best Regards,
Camille Attieh | events coordinator & Fitness consultant

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