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  • Thursday May 02 2019 until Saturday May 11 2019 from 05:00 pm until 08:00 pm
  • Koozpace, 20, Street 17 Jamhoûr, Mont-Liban, Lebanon
  • Exhibitions, Arts & Culture

Histoires Sans Paroles
Art Exhibition

French Galerie Marie Demange presents, for the first time in Beirut, an exhibition by French street-artist Freddish.

Already renown in Lebanon for his previous performance in private settings, the graffiti artist and sculptor responded to the Gallery’s invitation to showcase his work to a larger public.
In this work, he invests in a magnificent space*, inaugurated on August 22, 2017, dedicated to coworking, “for reflection and work, as well as relaxing and workout”. The space’s founders and administrators, art aficionados, decided this time around to open it to contemporary art.

Urban pop-art symbol, Freddish will be performing during the inauguration of his exhibition. He will work, under the gaze of visitors, on a stunning sculpture using recyclable material.
Soldering iron in hand, the artist will revive recycled material turning them into monster steel installations, both beast and man, with a futuristic touch, sometimes ferocious looking that will often melt your heart.
This magnificent installation, whether monumental or at a human scale, in the form of humanoid droids or animaloid, are sure to transport us directly to a world of science-fiction.

Marie Demange Gallery will put 12 paintings on display showcasing Freddish’s latest creations in relation with his work over the past decade.
The pieces address the same themes, inspired from the urban culture between the 1980s and 2000 including comics, manga, actresses, cartoon characters… however the artist, over time, moved away from the multitude of subjects and limited himself to a maximum of three subjects, unveiling a more mature and refined aspect of his talent.

One can admire the precision of his brushstroke. Some pieces emanate lyricism and sensuality, while others, on the contrary, delve into a completely surreal and caustic universe, sometimes verging on violence. One cannot stand unmoved before these pieces…Perhaps these new works demonstrate the advent of maturity, rendering his art more intense and profound.

Freddish will deliver a two-day masterclass on the margin of the exhibition during which he will receive four emerging street-artists to work on a 1.60m x 10m mural.

The masterclass aims to help these young apprentices to better manage their creation space and master techniques while stimulating their creativity.

About Freddish, an « urban pop culture » symbol

The first pieces by Freddish go back to the mid-1980s, when the Hip Hop movement was at its hype.

He worked with numerous landmark graffiti artists such as ZB, collector of the alphabet. Thanks to Niki de St Phalle and Jean Tinguely, for whom he worked as an assistant, he encountered many renown artists such as Arman, Soto or even Cesar.

Simultaneously, he designed settings for friends, bands or dance companies such as Assassin and Actuel Force, for Hip Hop shows at the Olympia, Cigale or the grand hall of la Villette.

His out of the ordinary work soon attracted attention. Freddish was one of the first artists of Urban Art to have their work shown at the Salon D’automne in Paris, which he joined as a member in 2006.

He became notorious on both the national and international markets, namely thanks to galleries that showcased his work and thus had access to auction houses in Paris and Brussels.

He also participates in large collective street-art exhibitions in various regions of France, and continues to give performances, like the picture realization of the huge canvas over the Atlantica building, headquarters of Poitou Charentes de la Caisse D’Epargne; or the total immersion in an abandoned hotel room (hotel 128) where he created a dreamlike crazy world; or even his piece of an impressive human droid made of waste-material, to guard the France television palisade, as part of the Patrimoine 2018 celebration.

He has also had private performances and was able to showcase different aspects of his talent in Beirut, where he was highly appreciated by amateurs.

Freddish was born in Paris in 1971. Inspired by the Arts Deco, he forged his talent by keeping the company of great artists who advised and encouraged him. He also learned from his many travels covering the 5 continents. Today, he lives and works in Bordeaux.

For more info please contact: 70 105 727