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"Forgiveness has the power to bring harmony within and with others‎."

Have you heard of the Hawaiian therapist who cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients, without ever meeting any of them or spending a moment in the same room? It’s not a joke.

The therapist was Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. The amazing results seem like a miracle, but then miracles do happen when you use Ho’oponopono, or Dr. Len’s updated version called Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono.

In other words, this is the power of Forgiveness!

Why do we keep attracting situations and people similar to old situations of our childhood and teenage period?
How to deal with the blockages occurring frequently in our life?
How to let go of the heavy emotions ‎we often witness during the day? Where are they coming from?

What are those emotions, people, situations and blockages mirroring to us?

Why, sometimes, is it hard to forgive?

What is the Ho'ponopono Technique? Why is it related to Forgiveness?

Can we really heal all undesired situations in our life by healing ourselves through forgiveness??

Join me on Friday, Jan 19 to discuss all those questions you are asking yourself and to learn how to practice this amazing, simple and magical healing technique called ho'ponopono :)

Do you wish to begin your new year fresh?
Book your seat now :)

Date: Friday, Jan 19
Time: 6h30 pm - 8h30 pm
Fees: 20$
Facilitator: Mireillee Hammal Kassir

My Name is Mireillee Hammal Kassir.
I am a mom for a beautiful Yasmina who's 21 months.
My career path is about Healing, Coaching and Empowering.
I am a Reiki Practitioner a writer and a blogger.
I do one-on-one energy healing sessions. Reiki is a beautiful healing modality that helps balancing energies in the body, relieving emotional and physical pain, enhancing spiritual connection and promoting self-awareness. As I describe it, it's a hug for the soul.

Believing that life is meant to be beautiful, abundant and rewarding in all areas, I facilitate empowering workshops for moms, parents, men,women and children providing them tools to start believing more in themselves as creative beings able to shine in life, to create and to achieve whatever they wish to do.

The variety of the workshops I give helps people of all ages re-mapping their life and believing that it's never too late to follow their Dharma, to bring their talents to light, to change, to release and let go of what does not serve their body and soul anymore.

FB. Mireillee Hammal
Insta. Mireillee_Hammall

LIFE is meant to be ABUNDANT in ALL areas.
Light & Love

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