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Hours Beirut

Hours Beirut is a three day exploration through talks, workshops, music and food on how maintenance and the act of maintaining can be understood in the context of innovation and creativity.

The theme is High maintenance from which we are exploring and encouraging folks to build on the existing structures and things in our respective societies, rather than chasing the new for new's sake.

At its core, the seminar is about the fact that all things need additional energy to be sustained. Diving into topics like: urban development, sustainability, death, feminism, internet, the relevance of culture and art, history and self-care.

Hours Beirut gather a group of presenters that represent diverse perspectives, both from the Middle East, neighboring regions and other continents.

Early Bird - $30/$300 (until Feb 20)
Bird - $40/$400 (Feb 21 - May 15)
Walk up - $50/$500 (May 16 - June 12)

The Regular $300-500 ticket is for established companies and organisations. The Discounted $30-$50 is ticket for students and independent culture workers.

Tickets available at hours beirut.

Organized and curated by Doreen Toutikian (Beirut Design Week), Martin Thörnkvist (previously The Conference), Sara Johannesson (Doberman) and Aisha Habli (Antwork).

In partnership with Antwork.

For more info please contact: 01 759390