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Housing and Real Estate in Armenia

Thursday June 18, 2020 - 6:00 pm
Keynote Speaker: Anto Manjian - CEO and Managing Partner of Mayri Project - Armenia
Duration: 40 mn
Language: Armenian (recap post will be followed in English)

- How To Buy a House in Armenia ?
- Is it a smart idea to invest in Armenia Real Estate?
- What about the employment in Construction and Development field?

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Real Estate Business in Armenia
- General Contracting
- Property Development
- Construction Management
- Engineering Services
- Real Estate Investment

To start, we all need reliable information on the housing environment in Armenia like safety, prices, law regulations and payment methods & facilities especially when Lebanese banks imposed severe restrictions on the ability of local depositors to make cash withdrawals and international transfers from their personal accounts.

Needless to say, Armenia provides a great opportunity for real estate investment for any Armenian in Diaspora as well as for any foreign national looking to invest in Armenian property market.

At the first glance, Armenia may not seem to like the most attractive destination to invest in, however, after closer inspection you may come to realize that there has never been a better time to take the challenge for Lebanese local (financial crisis) and international (coronavirus impact) reasons.

In this panel we will talk about the general contractor, civil constructions, real estate development, project management, employment possibilities and many others topics that can tackle the real estate sector in Armenia including Artsakh.

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