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How to Raise your Vibration and Become Immune to COVID 19

FREE WEBINAR - The future of COVID-19 pandemic

"We should get used to corona virus like H1N1 influenza virus" - Senior Cardiologist & Former President of Ibiza Medical Association

*What if the corona virus does not go and you have to bring changes in your life style, like H1N1 has not gone and we have adjusted to that life style?

*Is Corona Virus a vice or a virtue?

*When is the Covid-19 pandemic ending?

*What does the future look like for the world, post this pandemic?

If these questions have been running in your mind, tune in to Karma Guru live webinar today

Hear it from the Master Psychic, a future reading!

Learn directly from *Karma Guru Sumant Kaul*, a visionary, super-psychic, world leader, Karma Yogi and a Brilliant Scholar with a strong background in science, the profound knowledge on how to heal yourself, raise your vibration during these quarantine days & understand divine consciousness.

Join us every day for a webinar with *Karma Guru LIVE*

👉🏼 Special guided meditation by Karma Guru

👉🏼 Gain clarity, focus and self-motivation

👉🏼Use home quarantine to build highest energy and pray for well being as a global citizen

Participants get the chance to ask questions to Karma Guru for guidance and also a *Complimentary Sacred Meditation*

Its a Free Webinar on Zoom

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Honour & Gratitude to all Medical Professionals & Govt. Authorities

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