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Huguette Caland Exhibition at Beirut Exhibition Center

Curated by Nadine Begdache and Brigitte Caland
Huguette Caland 1964 - present

Huguette Caland is part of a generation of artists that includes Shafic Abboud, Yvette Achkar, and Helen Khal, the main players of the Lebanese art scene after the independence. They were the artists who shaped the artistic identity of their young country.

All of them studied and worked in Europe or the USA and were greatly influenced by the artistic periods they experienced there. But they all remained attached to their country and heritage, and one could see that attachment in their art, where they always referred to their native culture.

This exhibition is celebrating 50 years of a prolific career in the arts and a huge production of drawings, paintings, sculptures, and clothes designed by the artist Huguette Caland. More than 200 artworks from the artist's collection and Lebanese art collectors will be displayed, highlighting 3 different periods of the artist career.

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