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Hypnotherapy Certification Training In Beirut

Next certification training in Beirut:
13/14/15/16 Feb 2014 /13/14/15 March 2014 /10/11/12 & 17/18/19 April 2014

25/26/27/28/29/30 August 2014 18/19/20 September 2014 25/26/27 September 2014.

Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm

The course includes the complete curriculum for a professional career in hypnotherapy, developed and certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the oldest and largest professional hypnosis organization in the world with members across the USA and in more than 65 other countries around the globe.

The training provides a comprehensive and in-depth foundation of all hypnosis techniques. Every new technique will be explained and demonstrated, then practiced under my supervision. Through this hands-on practice, you will get the most understanding and experience for each approach and gain motivating confidence in the techniques learned.

Additionally, the course requires 25+ hours of homework and practice sessions to perfect the skills.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and you will be ready to utilize hypnosis and conduct sessions with clients immediately !!!

Course content:

• What is Hypnosis? • History of Hypnosis • Preliminary Suggestibility Tests • How to Hypnotize • Trance deepening techniques • Measuring responsiveness and trance depth • The Conscious and Unconscious • Mechanical Aids, (What they are and how to use them) • Inductions • Deepening Techniques • Hypnotic Miscellany • Ethics • Direct suggestion techniques • Complete Smoking Cessation, Weight Control and Stress Management programs, including scripts • How to decide which inductions to use based on the client's needs • The Pre-Talk • Establishing client goals • Classic induction techniques • Disguised induction methods • Disguised hypnotic suggestion methods • Waking hypnosis methods • How to teach clients self-hypnosis • Advanced instant and rapid inductions rapid and confusion- induction • Regression techniques • Parts Therapy • The use and benefits of ideomotor responses • Anesthesia Management • Abreaction control • Phobia removal • Pain control techniques • and more....

13/14/15/16 Feb 2014 /13/14/15 March 2014 /10/11/12 & 17/18/19 April 2014.

Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm

Location: Zalka

Course Fees: $ 2150
EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT: Pay in full before 6 Jan 2014 and SAVE 200 $ !!!

A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to reserve your place at the time of registration. The balance of $ 2000 is expected on the first day of the training.

If you know anyone who will benefit from this training, please do pass this information on. Sign up for the complete course with a friend, and get $100 off each!

Payment plans can be arranged in special cases.
Class sizes are limited so early sign up is recommended.

Cancellation policy: You may cancel up to the first day of class with a refund of any fees paid minus the $150 non refundable deposit.

CALL Eliane to register: 03-218212

Any student who previously participated in the complete Certification Course may attend any part of a later course, or the full course again for FREE, on a space available basis.

Your Certified Instructor (NGH)
Mona Abdulrahim-Santl

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