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Imagine 2019 –Technology bridging Businesses - Digital Technologies And Smart Applications

• Challenges & The Necessities Of The Next Generation Internet
• Digital(Internet+) Addiction As A Issue Of Future Generation
• Iot And AI - Addressing Digital Inclusion And Accessibility
• Emerging Youth Practices And The Digital Economy
• The Internet And Jobs: Preparing Gen YZ For Future Of Work
• How Digital Industry Can Achieve The Sustainable Development Goals?
• Entrepreneur’s Talk The Digital Citizen
• Scalability Matters – Digitization for SMEs Understanding the New IT Tech •
• Environment of SMEs and institutional drivers
• Entrepreneurs talk: Digitization – “Reaching an iT Survival Kit
• Technologies for SMEs Industrialists - an IT survival kit - Sector Analysis White Papers
• Case Study Advancements in Technology: Challenges for the Food Industry
• Case Study Advancements in Technology: Challenges for the Fashion and Luxury industry
Presentation Of Research Outcome Mapping Out The SME And Entrepreneurship Investment Climate In Lebanon
Credit scoring for small businesses – Rating SMEs and the Basle context
• SME risk breaking a credit scoring
• Risk management versus market and operational risk
• SMEs in the competitive industrial cluster
• Mapping the economy – Industrial units report