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IMPROV ACTING with Raffi Feghali
brought to you by FADE IN: Beirut

Join us for some Improv Acting fun! Improvisation at its best, this intensive course will teach you useful techniques you need to be an actor in both theater and film as well as a storyteller in the field. And it’s damn fun! Play improv games, meet other actors and train with Raffi Feghali, renowned Lebanese actor and trainer.

What is improv?
Improv is a form of theater that is created in the moment. Dialogue, action, character and story are collaboratively created right on the spot – and there’s nothing like it.

Who is Raffi Feghali?
Raffi is a Lebanese actor and trainer who has been working in the field for 15 years. More on Raffi right here:

Can anyone apply?
Yes! Anyone can apply – no experience is necessary. Just the willingness to have fun! This class is great for actors and non-actors alike!

How can non-actors benefit from this class?
Improv helps you with:
- Communication skills
- Presentation and public speaking
- Leadership
- Ideation
- Clear and structured expression of your ideas

What is special about this class?
In collaboration with FADE IN: founder, Nadia Tabbara, students will learn how to use improv techniques in presenting anywhere from movie scripts to presentations.

Dates and Times:
Friday 28 February 6:00-9:00pm
Saturday 1 March 1:00-7:00pm (with brunch at AltCity Cafe)
Sunday 2 March 1:00-7:00pm (with brunch at AltCity Cafe)

To Register:

Course Fees:
All inclusive: $250

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