This event has passed.
  • Friday Feb 28 2014 from 10:00 pm until 06:00 am
  • Merry Go Round, Beirut
  • Music, Nightlife

A legend was promised and a legend you'll get. The Merry's going for another spin, this time it stops in the South American ruins at the temple of sound and rhythm with the Inca King HERNAN CATTANEO. You can hop on the Merry Go Round and leave Beirut for a few hours on Friday February 28 at STUDIO INTERNEON with Gunther, Elias Merheb (Stamina) and Amer, to the land of the legendary South American DJ.

Merry Go Round presents, Inca Rhythm with Hernan Cattaneo.


HERNAN CATTANEO //Sudbeat, Renaissance
GUNTHER// Baroque, Opus Day
ELIAS MERHEB (STAMINA) // Baroque, Replug
AMER // Opus Day

A detailed map to the location will be provided very soon.


30$ (one drink before midnight, two drinks after midnight)

Presale: 20$

Tables: 60$ per person (minimum #: 4 people)

For table reservations please call 03-084002 or 70-054279

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