This event has passed.
  • Monday Aug 20 2012 from 09:00 pm until 12:00 am
  • Hole in the wall, Rue Monot
  • Music, Nightlife

Last indie night was so much fun we just couldn’t wait to bring you another edition. Coming of the hole’s thirteen’s birthday we could only try and give back a little bit of the love you guys have been giving us all year round.

This time, we’re keepin’ it simple: Strait up indie rock and nothing else. Indie is all about doing it yourself, getting down and dirty. One cannot create art while keeping his hands clean. One cannot create art with bloodsucking, money hungry vampire dictating what one should do. Music is art; people have a tendency to forget that. We at the hole honor true artists and their creation. We bring you the freshest sounds from the underground.

Our mission: make you guys fall flat drunk on your face, dance and smile (in that order).
You tell us what you want played and we’ll play it. You just post the video on that wall down there and we’ll do our best to fit it in the playlist. Rules are the chillier the song the earlier it will be played.

Of course, we’ll we be filling in the blanks with indie so fresh you couldn’t blame us if you didn’t do your home work.

In Dance-Rock we trust.

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