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This is to invite you and your loved ones on a two-day women circle starting Saturday the 26th and ending Sunday the 27th of January, 2019.

About the workshop:

Our spiritual journey as earthly beings started with the idea of a goddess, the divine feminine, universally called the great mother. In prehistoric ages, creation stories centered around the goddess. Our revered ancestors treasured the primordial power of the female; at the time, the power to give and nurture was supreme.

Yet, and around 6,000 years ago, the goddess was systematically persecuted, shunned and discounted; the “nurturer” was replaced by the “conqueror”. The male paradigm prevailed up until our present times.

Today, our female intuition is making us feel the changing times, telling us that we are ready to embark on new horizons, beyond old patterns that hinder us mentally and physically.

The mystery and power of the Divine Feminine is present here and now with us, we only need to tune in to its frequency.

It is the creative, nourishing, powerful, life-giving energy of love, compassion, peace and transformation. A deep and ancient well of knowledge, with roots that stretch back throughout the fabric of space and time.

As we embrace the Divine Feminine, we find an awakening to all the parts of ourselves that have remained hidden; a deeper connection to our feelings, our emotions, our pleasures and our bodies. She is a guide to our spiritual depth and in connecting with her we open to the mysteries within; we open to the untamed parts of ourselves that are longing to run free.

Join this Sacred Women Circle to awaken your feminine power and beauty. Open up to your creative potential, connect with your sensual body and clear your emotional blockages.

What to expect?
A blend of Feminine Embodiment techniques, Mystical Dance, Tantric exercises, Guided Meditation and Ceremony. A sacred and safe feminine circle where we hold space for each other in a non-judgmental way.

We shall express ourselves freely and release suppressed emotions. At times we might feel vulnerable and at others we might feel wild; the aim is to witness our true selves and reveal the goddess within. To plug back into the feminine is to plug into the primal creative force of the universe.

Tentative schedule:

Day 1:
- Welcome Ceremony --- Starts at 10:00
- 4 Element Rite
- Feminine Embodiment
- -------Break 13.00 - 15.00-------
- Goddess Durga´s Ride
- Wheel of Connection
- Cacao Ceremony --- Ends at 18:00

Day 2:
- Guided Morning Meditation --- Starts at 10:00
- Feminine Embodiment
- 7 Fire Chakra Cleansing
- -------Break 13.00 - 15.00-------
- Chakra Sound Meditation
- Tandava: The Divine Art
- Closing Ceremony --- Ends at 18:00

About the facilitator, Astrid Akash:
Astrid is a Priestess, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Shakti Spirit Teacher and Yogini. A light-worker coming from the soul lineage of Goddess, to serve the Goddess through creative processes. She facilitates private or group transformational workshops and retreats with the mission of sharing ancient sacred practices, truth, love and light; to serve the awakening of humanity.

- Energetic exchange: $190 for both days
- For more information, connect with Astrid on
- This workshop will host no more than 16 sisters, register soon to book your spot
- For registration connect with
- All sessions will be run in the English language and are suitable for all women aged 21 years and older
- Come in comfortable attire, socks and your favorite blanket