This event has passed.

That time of the year all beer lovers unite.
That time of the year to end summer perfectly.
That time of the year to raise our glasses and cheer.
That time is BEER TIME!

Join us for the greatest end-of-summer event where fun games, exciting entertainment and infinite beer are expecting you to have a good time during 10 extravagant days in our brand new renovated outdoor venue: the BEER GARDEN (Jounieh Branch).

This year we'll be having dance shows, percussion performances, music bands, parades and lots of dancing and cheering.

Tickets will be sold at the door

Reservation is a must to guarantee your tables.
Call us on 09 - 644 044.

So what are you waiting for?
Let the Hunger "Beer" Games begin!
and may the odds BEER ever in your favor ;)

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