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What's your WHY?

Have you ever wondered what drives behavior?

What makes some people like Apple, while others like Android?

What makes you fall in love with someone who when you think about it logically might not fit the idea you had in mind for a partner?

What makes some businesses last while others fail tremendously even though they might have the same kind of support or expertise?

What makes some speakers motivational and fill up a room with energy while others are inspirational and end up create massive change in their society and the world?

What drives you to follow a certain career path, and why you might succeed in it or not?

Join us to discover the main key that will help you know how to take more control over your life, create more influence, and live an impactful inspiring life.

- Date: Wednesday April 20th, 2016

- Time: 6:00 – 8:30 pm

- By: Coach Roni Matar

- Investment: 20,000 LL or 14 $ - Free for JCI Members

- Seats: 40

- Venue: Berytech, BDD

Who is the trainer?

Roni F. Matar

After getting his BS in Biology, Roni Matar spent the first 7 years of his working life in sales, from Medical Equipment to Life Insurance and Training, after that he made a shift in his career to self-development, and got his Master Practitioner of NLP -TimeLine Therapy® - Hypnosis, NLP Coach Certifications from the American Board Of NLP (ABNLP), and started working as a soft skills trainer & productivity coach, working with individuals and groups who want to achieve, have, and be more of what they want to be in life. Roni is certified from the American Boards of NLP, TimeLine Therapy® & Hypnosis. He also created the NLP Academy workshop series that are delivered in AltCity, Hamra Beirut. Roni is also the co-founder of Neopreneur, a coworking space and entrepreneurship academy in Byblos that allows entrepreneurs to follow their dream of starting up their business and having the adequate skills and abilities to succeed in the business world of today. Roni is now serving as the National President of JCI Lebanon for 2016.

Roni has delivered several trainings covering the following topics:

- "The Power of Choosing your State" - State Management

- "How to Eat an Elephant" - Easy ways to Overcome Procrastination

- "What on Earth is Mind Mapping?" - Introduction to Mind Mapping

- "The Magic of Metaphor" - The Use of Stories to Help People Create Change and Live a Better Life

- "The Power of Questions in Your Life" - Human Communication Model and Questioning

- "Please فهمني" - Communication Skills

- "Nothing Succeeds Like Failing" - The Keys to Learning from Failure and Succeeding

- "The User's Manual for the Brain" - Using Your Mind to Its Maximum Potential

- "Ultimate Personal Growth" - Goal Setting

- "The Road to Excellence" - Success Strategies and Behavior Modeling

- "NLP for Teachers" – The Toolbox of Effective Classroom Management

- "Lead The Deal" – Effective and Hands-on Selling Skills

- "Ultimate Service!" – Customer Service Excellence

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