This event has passed.
  • Monday Jul 30 2012 from 09:00 am until 12:00 pm
  • Hole in the wall, Rue Monot
  • Music, Nightlife

With Dylan’s next album “tempest” to be released soon we thought this was a good time to bring you that classic classic rock sound.
We’re pairing up Dylan with his close friend Johnny Cash.

“Legends” is quite an understatement when talking about Cash and Dylan. These titans of music have transformed and reshaped our understanding Country, Folk and Rock, even Gospel. Both of them have been admitted into the songwriters and rock and roll hall of fame. Both of them have sold endless amounts of records.

But these achievements mean little when compared to the impact their songs have had on each one of us. Dylan and Cash wrote and sung Freedom anthems that reignited the spark in the youth of America and the world. They fought for civil liberties, they sung for those who had no voice and they rocked those who wanted to have some fun. These songs haven’t aged a day since.

From voices of the rebel youth to leaders of adult minds, these guys have changed the world.
And now, they’re gonna rock your socks off.

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