This event has passed.

For the first time in Lebanon, Breastfeeding Moments will be treasured.

Photos of Breastfeeding moms, each in a different situation, were taken and will be displayed during the holiday time in a photo exhibition.

Each photo sends a message about breastfeeding, both to increase awareness about the topic, like the health benefits of breastfeeding beyond infancy/breastfeeding a toddler, and to make breastfeeding scenes more familiar to the eye. This is also an event to normalise breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not the exception, Breastfeeding is the norm!! What is also exciting is that this event is supported by many associations and NGOs who are collaborating to the event in many ways. The Ministry of Health, the Lebanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Women's Health, the Lebanese Society of Paediatrics, the Order of Nurses in Lebanon, Ordre des Sages-Femmes du Liban, are all supporting this event, and they are all in the front-line of maternal and paediatric health services. This event is FREE of charge and open to the public. It will include educational and entertaining activities. Follow the event page to stay updated with the ONE WEEK schedule for the photo exhibition. Follow our JOURNEY OF LOVE! <3 <3

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